Maryland U.S. Senate Campaign Update

Ever heard of David Dickerson? Neither have I, but apparantly he's running for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate here in Maryland. He's one of 18 people running for the nod, and even among all those people, he was a long shot.

Well, his shots just got even longer:

David Brian Dickerson, 43, of Sparks is accused of assaulting [his wife, a recent immigrant from Latvia] July 17 in their apartment, court records show. Dickerson, a candidate in the Democratic primary for the Senate, was arrested Saturday and charged with second-degree rape, a fourth-degree sex offense, and second-degree assault, according to Baltimore County police and court records.

Through his lawyer, Dickerson denied the allegations.

Dickerson's wife is mentally ill and is "creating an entire story of things that never happened," Craig Kadish, Dickerson's attorney, said yesterday.

Charming. His wife is 19, by the way. David met Anna in Latvia when she was 16, but they decided to "wait to pursue each other" until she was 18. Rape and assault or not, that's still creepy as all come out. She was young enough to be his daughter, or even granddaughter.

Hattip to Politics1 for the story.

The real race for the Democratic Nomination is between Congressman Ben Cardin and the former NAACP President Kweisi Mfume. Or is it? Not if one Josh Rales has anything to do with it!

Who? Exactly. He's a real estate developer, and a Democratic and Jewish activist, and apparantly has some money to burn. He's first out the gate in advertising, at least here on Delmarva. And boy are they doozies. Here's one called "Never," in which he sits on his porch and talks to the camera.

NEVER (30 seconds)

For the last three years, we’ve been fighting a war over foreign oil.

The cost in human life and suffering has been tragic.

We’ve spent $300 billion in Iraq – enough to fix our schools and health care system here at home.

Meanwhile, our borders and ports are still unprotected.

I’m Josh Rales – I approve this message.

In the Senate, I’ll vote to bring our troops home within a year, and I’ll work for an alternative energy policy so we never have to fight this kind of war again.

Isn't that just precious? Not only is he engaging in some neo-isolatonism, he's trafficing in blood-for-oil conspiracy theroies! To be a millionaire with time on your hands right?

He's also 5 days late in starting his blog, but who's counting?

But in this battle between 18 people, you have to do everything you can to differentiate yourself. Which brings us to Allan Lichtman, who's trying to be the far-left candidate in the race. I mean, he's got this:

Join former Presidential Candidate George McGovern for an evening with political satire group The Capitol Steps at The Music Center at Strathmore in support of Allan Lichtman

George McGovern. Political Satire. Hot diggity I bet that's going to be hi-larious. Also, he's got endorsements from Daniel Ellsburg (of Pentagon Paper fame), John Anderson (of Independent campaign for President in 1980 fame), and AliAllyKat (of...man, I don't know. Couldn't they have insisted on getting her actual name instead of her online name? Goodness).

But either way, it appears he's got a blood feud with Josh Rales. Seriously. In a currently front-page article on a Washington Post poll about the Democratic campaign:

Josh Rales, who has also spent about a million dollars, has zero support among likely voters.

And in a blog posting entitled Josh Rales: Democrat Or Republican:

US Senate Candidates Allan Lichtman and Joshua Rales appeared on January 18th at an event hosted by the Silver Spring Democratic Club. Allan clearly distinguished himself from his opponent both in terms of his vision for Maryland and his substantive presentation...

Josh Rales, on the other hand, offered no details on how to improve the lives of Marylanders. Additionally, he responded poorly when confronted by an audience member about his recent financial contributions to conservative Republican political candidates...

When asked to explain these contributions, Rales admitted that he was once a socially-liberal but fiscally-conservative Republican and that he has now seen the errors of his way. His intimation that these were distant realities carried little weight, as his contribution to Bush came towards the tail-end of the President’s reelection bid and was submitted well after the disastrous policy in Iraq and the destructive tax cut.

Well, with Josh Rales pulling out the blood-for-oil thing in a commercial, you gotta do what you can to appeal to the hardcore. At least Lichtman's blog is up and running. And he has incredible hair. And a short bus. Seriously.

Last night, the campaign rolled into the University of Maryland - College Park campus on a 1982 Half-sized, yellow school bus.

A half sized yellow school bus. Right.

The bus, a supplement to Allan's promise to take convential politicians "to school", was acquired last week from a bus yard in Columbus, Ohio.

Of course. He's taking them to school. In a short bus. That I assume will be branded with his name and will cart him all over the Maryland countryside. This can't possibly backfire!

At least he'll beat Dickerson. He's got that going for him.


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