Music, online, for this sunday night

What Is Hip: Remixes of white-bread 60s-80s pop music. Some catchy stuff, particularly the Deepsky remix of America's Ventura Highway.

Revolved: Mash-Ups of The Beatles Revolver album and a variety of other artists, including Coldplay, Beck, Madonna, The Who, Glenn Miller, and others.

The Dark Side Of Phobos: ReMixes (there's a difference between that and remixes) of music from the original Doom PC game. Download them all, they're free.

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench: In my mind it's a underrated music video, and the song is as catchy as all come out. It's Dave Grohl's initial directing effort, and isn't that bad. Also, I now hum "Big Me" whenever I'm on a elevator thanks to this song.


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