So Ace links to The Sky Is Red thanks to a comment I made about his OK Go music video post. Nice of him, even though The Sky Is Red is still a joke of a blog.

So. How about the Vikings-Raiders game last night? I saw most of it, intersperced between poker, blackjack, a old Holyfield-Foreman fight and Whose Line Is It Anyway? at a friends house. Randy Moss threw some hissy fits, Andrew Walter threw well, and J.T. O'Sullivan probably threw any good chance at a pro career away. That rediculous intential grounding on his part is something a fourth-string quarterback shouldn't do if he's looking for a job more impressive than Quarterback for the Grand Rapids Rampage.

The Vikings' showed off their new jerseys last night. Not sure I like them that much. Seeing Brad Johnson wear it reminded me of 7 year olds playing Pop Warner football. The white stripes are probably too wide. But it's obvious that the they were influenced by the St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots, which is hardly a bad look to be copying.


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