Liam Callahan

Liam Callahan wasn't supposed to be working tuesday morning. Not originally.

There was a back-to-school event at his children's school, and as head of the children's school association, he had to go. His normal 3 to 11 schedule at the PATH Emergency Services Unit with the Port Authority in Jersey City's Journal Square would keep him away from it. Heading up the association wasn't all he did, he volunteered in other activities, he worked lunch duty, he also chaparoned school trips, including one in the World Trade Center in which he apprehended a man who slapped a student when he bumped into the man.

So, to make that meeting, he pulled a double shift.

The double shift meant that Liam hadn't seen his wife, Joan, since Monday morning. He had seen his two youngest kids, Ellen and James at noon on monday when he delivered their lunches. Ellen was happy she had gotten a roast beef sandwich, but didn't give her father a hug.

And then the first plane hit the World Trade Center. And Liam, of course, went. He was a member of the Emergency Services unit, and he was just a tunnel ride from the trade centers. It wasn't the first time he had responded to a terrorist attack at the World Trade Centers. In 1993, had earned a Police Valor Award for carrying disabled people from the tower, among other honors.

Liam Callahan lived his life a hero, and died as one. He is survived by his wife Joan, and his four children, Brian, Bridget, Ellen and James.

May he rest in peace.